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Classic......Off We Go

Does this look like a 30 year old aircraft? To the untrained eye, the likely answer is no. Some objects tend to appear better with age. Aston Martin DB5 (007’s vehicle of choice) springs to mind, the same can be said for numerous aircraft. But this Boeing 737-400 is looking sharper today than possibly when it was new…………..

Image by Mark Brandon

There is of course an element of “Rose Tinted Glasses” at play here. Dwelling on the fonder aspects of something, ignoring weaknesses. There’s still no denying, C-GGWV, an ordinary aircraft, is a good looking aircraft. OWG Airlines have created an interesting fleet with they’re B737-400’s painted in this spectacular livery, rich deep blue combined with a vibrant red. Even taken the trouble of painting the top surface of the wings in that pleasing shade of blue, something most airlines shy away from doing. While on the subject of wings, not a winglet in sight, the original clean-sheet 737-Classic design, all the better for it.

Image by Mark Brandon

The new Canadian airline, is part of the Nolinor Aviation group which has been operational for 30 years and an advocate for flying the B737-200. OWG commenced operations at the end of 2020 with three B737-400’s (C-GGWF, C-GGWV & C-GGWX) each configured with 158, Expliseat TiSeat E2 seats, the first B737 to do so. Each of the three aircraft was first operational around the year 1990.

Image by Haoning Qu

One of the main focus destinations for OWG is Cuba, with plans to link Montréal and Toronto with up to four airports in the southern holiday region. With a flight time of approximately 4 hrs, the B737-400 is well capable and up to the task. The ‘400’s range is up to 2,060 nmi and with Havana being 1,400 nmi from Toronto, this flight to ‘paradise’ is within comfortable reach.

Image by Haoning Qu

The CFM56-3C-1 powered ‘400 series Boeing 737, produce 23,500 lbf on each side. The more common ‘800 variant is up on this, producing 27,000 lbf per CFM engine. However, when power to weight is taken into consideration, for each of the 189 passengers on board a 737-800, 142 lbf is devoted to pushing each person through the air. The older 737-400 is grinning, as OWGs aircraft have 148 lbf for each of their passengers being thrust towards Cuba. Progress eh? Yes, the ‘800 has superior fuel economy figures to boast but in purely performance terms, not sure if 3 decades has achieved enormous leaps in performance progress.

Image by OWG Airlines

C-GGWV has been around the block throughout its operational history. The aircraft's latest keeper was in the US with Xtra Airways but it was on the Irish Register in 2000 as EI-TVC with Virgin Express Ireland. Sistership, C-GGWF was formerly with Spanish carrier Alba Star and the third member of the OWG trio C-GGWX was in service with Canadian operator Flair Airlines but started out in 1990 with Icelandair.

Image by Mark Brandon

An ambitious step by Nolinor Aviation to launch OWG Airlines in the depths of a global pandemic. Some successful businesses can trace their roots back to troubled economic times. The airlines aim is to make the flight part of the vacation – passenger focused. “Off We Go” deserve every chance at success and should be admired for being bold in both attitude and image. Wishing OWG clear skies………….

Images by Mark Brandon, Haoning Qu & OWG Airlines


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