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Avión por encima de las nubes

Enjoying Commercial Aviation

Welcome and thank you for your interest. Airliner Experience has grown to become a leading aviation enthusiast’s venture which was formed to enable like-minded enthusiast’s get closer to and experience aspects of aviation often just out of reach. 


The opportunity to get up close and personal with modern classic aircraft is an incredible experience for all concerned and to do so remains instilled in the memory of those lucky participants – for many, a dream come true.


Group visits and tours to airline headquarters, flag-carrier maintenance facilities, independent MRO centres, air cargo bases, aircraft manufactures, airport landside & airside tours, aircraft spotting activity, ATC centres, aviation museums and other similar locations are all on the menu at Airliner Experience. With an established history of safe and exciting group events to significant aviation facilities, within Ireland, the UK, across Europe and beyond, Airliner Experience is your key to unlocking and revealing the inner workings of the global aviation sector.   


To those outside looking in, aviation can appear at times a sombre subject, with this in mind, Airliner Experience produces written articles and features relating to aspects of the industry, in its own ‘unique’ and ‘upbeat’ style, in an attempt to cut through more cumbersome topics, delivering a fresh concise approach.     


”to experience a flight onboard a classic, rare or indeed a model still in service today but just out of reach”.…


Group Charters for like-minded Aviation Enthusiasts have also been arranged and enjoyed where point A to Point A demonstration flights, exploring the performance and in-flight capabilities of an aircraft have been experienced by enthusiast’s, while soaking up the incredible atmosphere onboard. 


Immersing oneself in this passion for aviation results in a spectacular experience of almost magical proportions.

airliner  experience – Enjoying Commercial Aviation

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