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Belgian, Chinese, French - Cooperation

Modern logistics can be a complicated game. International air freight is a main player in this intricate puzzle.

Air France Cargo operates a regular scheduled flight into Dublin Airport most Saturday's. Inbound from Chicago, continuing on to Paris, offloading and uplifting freight at it's Dublin stop-off. The usual steed is a Boeing 777F.

Not today however, as the 777F is undergoing maintenance, believed to be a 'C' Check and in it's place, a seldom seen at Dublin, A330-200(P2F) of Air Belgium. The 2006 A330 (OE-LAJ) is one of seven aircraft listed with Air Belgium of which four are currently operating, a mixture of passenger and freighter rolls.

Air Belgium started operations in 2018 with it's aircraft painted in a refreshing livery. OE-LAJ having started its flying career with Etihad Airways, was converted from passenger to freighter in January 2023 and has recently had "Hongyuan Group" titles added across its fuselage. This hybrid livery adds to the interest of this global traveler.

A Rolls-Royce powered A330-200, OE-LAJ made its way east across the Atlantic this afternoon for a 15:58 touchdown on RW28R at Dublin. The aircraft leased by Air France until September, means it should be sighted at Dublin over the summer months. This evening the "hybrid" made it's Dublin departure at 18:23 for the short hop to Paris (CDG).

If there's one thing the aviation enthusiast interest needs at the moment, it's variety. An ingredient severely lacking. Today's out of the ordinary visitor was most welcome - please come again.

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