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International Aerospace Coatings – Shannon Airport – Group Tour

Airliner Experience is pleased to announce our Enthusiast Group Visit to International Aerospace Coatings - Shannon Airport, aircraft painting facility at Shannon Airport.

The anticipated aircraft and focus of our visit is an Airbus A350, having received it’s fresh livery, a favourite type among many enthusiasts. Transportation to and from the event will be by private executive bus. This exciting tour will take place mid November 2023.

The Main Event

Aircraft visit IAC – Shannon Airport from around the globe for the expertise, skills and knowledge the painting facility has acquired at this prime geographical location, Shannon Airport. A substantial list of customers includes major flag carriers and many of the big guns from commercial aviation.

In Addition

Once our visit to IAC is completed, it’s proposed to visit a location around the perimeter of the airport where the group can engage in a period of aircraft spotting, overlooking the main runway. Subject to weather and aircraft movements.

Afternoon meal will be at a local venue where the group can socialise and discuss the previous few hours experience at IAC.

Departure will be in proximity to Dublin Airport with arrival at Shannon Airport a few hours later.

For this exciting opportunity to experience a wide-bodied aircraft receiving the finishing touches of an all-over paint-coating by IAC – Shannon Airport and to view the fabulous Airbus A350 in close quarters, in all its modern glory, don’t miss out – Join us

Waiting to hear from you!

Registration process will be through Airliner Experience.

For more details including Itinerary and to Register Your Interest email :


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